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We are still researching the facts and fables of this Grande Olde Establishment. The information we have been able to trace was provided by the Cory Library.

Mr. Henry O’Donnel, an Irishman, retired from His Majestys Service after 26 years. He received his pension and applied for a license to run an Inn, Canteen and Boarding House.

The license was granted in 1847, after which he built the “Irish Harp Hotel” on the corner of Hill and New Street. The exact date is not known, but all clues suggest that it was built in 1849. In 1860, Archibald Lappan, took over the Hotel and changed the name to “The Welcome Inn” or also known as “The Lappan Hotel”.

He ran it until the year 1901 after which the new owner (still unknown) renamed it as the “Hotel Victoria”.

The current owners bought the Hotel in 1991, at a time when 11 bedrooms were used as student “digs”. The atmosphere around the hotel was vibrant and young with the popular student party spot, “The Vic Main Bar” situated in the main building. The swimming pool and outside entertainment area between Gino’s and the hotel hosted many “Vicstocks”, which was a regular meeting place for students and locals to enjoy live bands and fun in the sun.

After a couple of years they decided to change the accommodation back to hotel rooms and slowly started the process of renovating all the bedrooms and “The Vic Main Bar” back into a restaurant.

The hotel has gone through many changes and hands, from being a fort to an Inn and boarding house to student digs and pub and all the way back to a hotel, which has never lost its uniqueness, warmth and quaintness.